EBES Fellows

In 2015, EBES Executive Board decided to honor academicians for their lifetime contributions to their fields once a year. The EBES Fellows Award is given to acknowledge a lifetime of contributions to the corresponding academic field. Contributions may be theoretical, empirical, or methodological. The recipients for the EBES Fellow Award are determined by the EBES Executive Board and the Award is given every year at the EBES Conference in May.

EBES Fellow Award 2018

EBES Executive Board selected Klaus F. Zimmermann as the EBES Fellow Award 2018 recipient for his outstanding contribution to the areas of labor, population economics, and migration.

EBES Fellow Award 2017

EBES Executive Board selected Giovanni Dosi as the EBES Fellow Award 2017 recipient for his outstanding contribution to the fields of the economics of innovation and technological change, and evolutionary theory.

EBES Fellow Award 2016

EBES Executive Board selected M. Hashem Pesaran as the EBES Fellow Award 2016 recipient for his outstanding academic achievements and invaluable contributions to time-series econometrics, including modeling, testing and forecasting.

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